Writing a weekly conversation about all that's interesting: systems, art, music, cities, urbanism, economics, AI, crypto, NFTs, creativity, IP, gaming, & storytelling! Grab a chair and join in on all the scenes.

  • Scenes, as in play/storytelling.

  • Scenes, as in navigating different social spaces and time. From urbanism to art to music to crypto.

  • Scenes, as in the newsletter itself is a place/setting to hang out in.

More About Me:

  • I’ve invented and co-designed new economic primitives in the blockchain space, including working on the now widely adopted ERC20 Ethereum Token Standard and inventing token bonding curves.

  • I’ve had my smart contract art exhibited and discussed in world-renowned museums and trade magazines.

  • I’m a writer, having written a few short stories and a self-published novel. I also produce and edit science fiction through my business.

  • I’m also a hobbyist musician and use some of those skills in the production of audio dramas for my business.


https://blog.simondlr.com (where you will find my stories, blogs, art, etc).



https://twitter.com/simondlr (trying to ween myself off Twitter)


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