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New reader here, vgr reader sent over from your SPC presentation which was dope.

Commenting mainly for my own thoughts and inspired by the rewilding piece:

Infra monoculture lead to attention capture, which exhibits the exact same lack of resilience described in the essay, as applied to our ability to comprehend, leading to vulnerable networked thoughts, narrative silos and collapse, filter bubbles etc.

Can we mount a case that we necessitate a rewilding of our online experience? i.e apply the analogy not to the network, but to our time online. If algorithmic feeds are highways for our mind, then what could be wildlife bridges?

In an act mainly of care for my friends and network, i started an assorted links newsletter attempting to support their rewilding transition, is why it's been on my mind - https://rewildyourmind.substack.com/about

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Hi! Welcome. :)

Attention is a part of it, yes. Love the imagery of feeds being highways of the mind.

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