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I’m glad you got to comic books. This has been happening in comics since the 60s!

I used to say that the Marvel and DC universes are the two largest, unified artistic collaborations of all time

Both of those worlds also have ways of adding in wildly different aesthetics and yet the fans can still handle seeing it all as a whole

I don’t think movie and tv writers trust viewers in the same way any more

Which is weird

Because some of the most beloved series in the 80s -- such as Indiana Jones -- barely make sense moment to moment

And yet folks loved them

I digress tho

My point is oozy fiction existed a long time in one way and it’s finally spreading

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Wouldn’t mind this lens turned on what came before also - looking at you Timothy Zahn novels.

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Can’t help but note irony here of you oozifying oozification into an extended analytical lens 😆

I think with narrative there are some human form factor constraints as in the keyboard example I used. It’s fundamentally human-mind fit. Your point about all being character-based for example. It’s hard too oozify into sub-character level narratives, though shows like Doctor Who or Quantum Leap sort of do it. It can’t oozify to narrative gray goo. But what *can* happen is we stop telling new stories and increase the oozified derivative activity like using reaction gifs from movies in communication. Often with no idea of source.

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